As I turned around to explore the enclosure I woke up in, the beast was there staring at me. Making a high-pitched noise, I knew he wanted something from me, I just wasn’t sure what. Suddenly, he ventured over to the door and rung the bells hanging from the bright metal object attached to it. The loud ring seemed to pierce my ears, and I walked over to investigate. 

The beast whine began to grow louder the closer I got. Grabbing the shining object and wiggling it, I realized it rotated. One rotation too many and the door cracked enough that I pulled harder, A much stronger pain rushed over my whole body. The ground was covered in white and the beast ran through the threshold. 

Wait,” I yelled, but as soon as I took a slight step forward the pain pierced through my foot. As I looked side to side, trying to find the beast, I noticed a large metal box. As I watched it seemed to be growing. It wasn’t until the metal box that was barreling through the white, painful substance on the ground started growling that I realized it wasn’t growing, it was coming towards me. 

Turned and slammed the door so hard the bells flung through the air. My mind recalled the fact that the beast was still trapped out there with the large metal doomsday box quickly approaching, but only for a second. My interaction with the beast had not been in-depth enough to make me risk the pain and possibly my life to retrieve him. 

Suddenly, my mind pictured the face of the small one I shielded only moments ago and pondered briefly about how she would feel about the disappearance. For the life of me, I did not know why, but her emotions seemed to mean more to me than anything, even the life of the beast. 

I was startled from my odd concern by a loud noise that seemed to be a single person telling a story, only with long, drawn-out language. Perhaps, a different dialect from what I was used to. I stopped for a minute to monitor the area, and after a moment, I could make out some of the words the person was speaking. She was an angry woman who had been burned by her lover, and she seemed to be telling the story without anyone to listen or respond. 

The noise began to get quieter and then fade to nothing. I followed the direction the sound was coming from but was led to a dead end. As I pondered for a moment all of the odd things in this place, another voice started blaring almost unbearably loud. A deeper tone erupted. As I investigated the noise, I found a small black box. Right next to the large, soft square I had woken upon. The box had glowing red symbols, and as I yelled into the box “do you need help?”, the voice just proceeded to talk as though they could not hear me. 

This voice was also speaking of a past lover, and as I investigated the box, I tipped it upside-down from its original position. I assume it is some sort of a trap for weary souls. I hit the box, and as I did the noise silenced. I examined to see what damage I may have caused when I noticed the symbols were gone, I quietly hoped that the souls had just rested inside the box and that I had not shaken them so badly they were injured. 

It wasn’t long after that I decided to investigate the moments that seemed frozen in time. Lining the walls all over the enclosure, these moments had no depth, no movement, and while they did spawn some emotion, they seemed soulless. It wasn’t until I happened to come by a room with one memory that didn’t seem to have a face like the rest. I approached to see someone moving inside the box. A different box it seemed, hanging there and much thicker than the others. 

I spoke and could instantly see the mouth movements of the woman trapped in the box, but no sound was made. I recognized the woman from the other memories, but she looked different now. Not as much color on her face, and her hair is all over the place. In this box, she was wearing a shield though, so that gave me comfort that I was doing something I should be doing. 

After many moments of trying to communicate only to not be able to hear, nor touch, the person in the box, I examine the box for a way out. Suddenly, I yanked at just the right place, but instead of the woman standing in the box a shelf full of containers and boxes was behind it. I shook the containers, only to find that there were small round shapes of different colors inside. 

Some sort of a boobytrap is triggered, and suddenly, many of the containers all fall at the same time. I threw the box closed and jumped out of the room. Wary of other boobytraps I poke only my upper body through the threshold and still see the toneless woman looking back at me. Obviously, she was frightened as well. She was merely peeking of her box, and I told her I would go find a tool of some sort to help her. 

Honestly, I was not sure I would come back to that room. The thought terrified me, but then again, she may be able to help me too. Thankfully, as I explored, all the other boxes I came across were moments frozen in time. I feel more thankful for that than worried, at this point. 

I come across a colorful room with strange objects all over the place. Food, that was not real. Animals that were dead and had white fluff put inside of them to make them look alive. I hear a small shuffle behind me and turn around to see a small feathery animal that is alive, trapped behind bars. As I get closer to having a better look, the creature speaks, “Hello BABY”, so loudly that I jump backward. 

“Well, hello,” I said.

Struggling to free the creature, I finally get the bars apart enough, and the creature flew out, only to land on my head. I stand in shock for a moment and don’t move. In a loud scream, the thing yells, “Mommy!”. 


“Yes, dear friend?” I ask, but he is silent. His dialect is also different, in such a way that it sounds almost fake. I couldn’t recall ever speaking to a creature before, but my little green friend did not scare me, so I took him to the door and opened it. Thinking he would love the freedom just as the hairy creature did I was surprised, that only did he not fly out, but the hairy creature came back in! 

Far less attentive this time, I assumed the hairy creature was upset I had befriended another. As I explored other parts of the enclosure, my feathered friend made his way down to my shoulder and hid inside my hair. I found it oddly comforting to have someone to talk to, even though he did not always speak, and even when he did, it was rarely helpful. 

I ventured into another part of the enclosure and found the floor was warped in such a way that I could climb it with ease. I made my way to the platform above it and was surprised to see more soft platforms and fake items in most of the rooms. One room had another magic box with red symbols on the front, but I circled it, keeping my distance. 

One room was smaller than the rest, and an odd bowl held clear liquid, much like water, underneath the cap. So close to the floor, I had decided I better not drink, as it was just the right height for the hairy beast. Had I found myself interested in the water, I recalled the little creature who made me grin showing me the water, as long as I was willing to withstand the pain of the floor, I could drink it. 

Suddenly, as I looked around, another box stood in front of me, with the same lady as the one before! But how? She even had a feathered creature on her shoulder, much as I did. Curiosity got the best of me, and I raced down the warped floor and popped my head around the corner to see the same lady waiting for me, and she also had a bird now. 

Slightly bewildered, I made my way back to the previous one to see if I could help her. The one on the lowest floor was of no help anyway. As I did, the bird flew on the platform in front of the box, and I noticed the bird in the box made very similar movements. 

I lifted my hand. Then raised another. Only to realize, I am the one trapped in the box. My heart starts to race and I start to panic. 

“What is happening?”