I opened my eyes to an odd feeling across my lower extremities. I was surrounded by a cage it seemed. Trying to compile my thoughts, I hesitantly sat up. An odd fabric is draped across my midsection and as it shifted I felt more of the odd feeling that was almost a pain, over more of my body. The fabric that was draped across me was obviously some sort of shield for this invisible force.

As I draped the fabric around me, I feel the pain in my feet continues to feel stronger. I had never been here before, in fact, I am not sure I had ever BEEN at all. Before this point, I found nothing in my thoughts. It was odd how much I subconsciously tried to reason with the situation, especially considering there seemed to be no reason at all.

The platform that I had rested on was so soft that it tried to pull me down, even though I was attempting to rise to my feet. In this cage, there were odd things lined every space on the cage walls. Bright colored things and somehow there were a lot of moments that seemed frozen in time with people only the size of my finger, staring blankly. Some sort of magic or evil I presume.

My heart starts racing as I hear a noise behind me. A small beast covered with hair stares at me, wagging his hind end. He seems to be trying to communicate with me, but all I feel was his need to be in my presence. While unsettling, I also found it comforting, even though my best attempt to communicate was futile, the beast followed behind me anyway.

As I walked around the beast followed me so closely that I stepped on his foot. I apologized but the beast’s demeanor didn’t change at all. I assume he was immune to pain, up until then I had not noticed, the beast wasn’t wearing a shield.

A loud sound erupted through the air and suddenly things around me came to life. I stood there as these beings wandered around. Only the smallest was wearing a shield. As it walked towards me and leaned against my lower body and wrapped its shield around me, I felt the warmth radiating from her.

Something about this connection was mesmerizing. She looked at me as if I was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen, and she was the most wonderful thing I had encountered in the short time I could remember.

Mommy, can I have water?” the tiny thing spoke, and unlike the beast, I could understand her! Mommy, that must be my name! But why can I not remember anything?

“How?”, was all I could muster out and even then I was unsure if she would be able to understand me as well. She raised her arms towards me and began to stand on my feet as she tried to climb me. I knelt to her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as I stood up.

A small hand pointed in the direction of a dark side of the cage. The room had not yet been lit up by the bigger creature that controlled the light. “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light,” the small thing yelled, and suddenly the room was the brightest in the house. I looked at her in amazement and complimented her on her magic. She just giggled and pointed to a large, reflective box.

A step into the light made the odd pain radiate into my feet, I instinctively wrapped my shield around the little one and continued to the magic box. As I opened it, she pointed to a container that almost seemed to have nothing in it. I handed it to her, amazed by the weight of this empty container and she lifted it to her mouth, then wiggled loose.

As I hesitantly lowered her, she said “Thank you, mommy,” with a smile, then walked away.

Magic water, I thought. I raised another bottle to my mouth and instead pain poured into my mouth and down my chest. The pain and discomfort were much stronger and it cause me to soil my shield. Magic, not magic for me I guess, and I set the plastic bottle back into the box and closed the door.

A large creature walked towards me and placed his face on my cheek, only for a moment, and said, “I’m so late. What did you do? You must be freezing. ALEXA,” he shouted, “turn the heat up to 78 degrees”.

A strange voice out of nowhere said, “Okay”. Then suddenly warm air started to fill the cage.

“See you tonight,” the big creature said.

“THANK YOU”, I shouted.

The big creature ushered the smaller ones out the entryway, and suddenly… all was silent.

-Stay Tuned For More and as ALWAYS, thank you for being a part of my journey.