The color blue is a color of trust and relaxation. A popular favorite all over the world, the color blue is the renowned color for peace. Blue is a good color for anxiety and depression as well, helping to calm your nerves and increase intuition.

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The color blue is also good for relationships as it evokes trust, loyalty, commitment, and serenity. Used in cleansing spells and rituals as well, blue represents one of our most powerful cleansing tools; water. 

The Metaphysical Associations for the Color Blue

Blue is a color that can invoke a lot of good feelings and can be used in many different metaphysical and magickal ways. One thing to keep in mind though, too much may negatively affect you!

Positive Associations For Blue

  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Calming
  • Relaxation
  • Commitment
  • Peace
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Faith
  • And much more

Negative Associations For Blue

  • Depression
  • Arrogance
  • Dogmatic
  • Pessimistic
  • Domineering
  • Hyperactivity
  • And much more

Blue eases loneliness and is the color of healers. The color blue will awaken your intuition and help with your communication so you can follow your path with confidence. Use the color blue to bring you comfort, peace, and tranquility. 

Magickal Uses For The Color Blue Include;

  • Healing
  • Career opportunities
  • Travel or House Moves
  • Reducing Stress 
  • Building trust
  • Awakening artistic expression
  • Building confidence
  • Protection
  • And more

Blue is a great color that provides us with relaxation, confidence, and peace. Using blue in your spells or other metaphysical or magickal practices will help you gain intuition and bring peace and clarity to the situation at hand. 

Blue stones and crystals include; Blue Lace Agate, Blue Quartz, Sodalite, Zircon, Amazonite, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Blue Adventurine, Azurite, and many more

Chakra Associated with Blue; Throat Chakra; which aids in communication and self-expression.


Representing both the sky and the sea, the color blue enhances the spiritual parts of us and brings us peace. Representing all the things we would like to see in the world, blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, confidence, and more. 

Always keep in mind there is a negative side to everything though and remember too much blue can leave us feeling depressed or can come off cold or uncaring. 

If you see any inaccurate information or think I missed something important, please let me know.

As always, thank you for including me in part of your journey.

-The Un-Traditional Mother

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