In this ritual, you can easily replace the name of your deity to be whoever or whatever you wish to honor at the time. As one of my most popular Samhain rituals, many names have been used, such as; 

  • Mother Nature or Mother Earth
  • The Horned One, God of the wild hunt, is said to be the animal that dies so that we may eat.
  • The Old One (also known as the crone), the earth mother who teaches us we sometimes need to let go to move on.
  • And many more. Including Loki, Odin, Zeus, Cali, Freya, and so on.

In this ritual, we are honoring them and asking for protection for the cold winter months ahead. Obviously, we do not suffer from freezing temperatures and deaths during the winter as our ancestors did. Still, it is also important to note that without a successful winter and a successful rest period, our vegetation, animals, and more will not grow and strive as they should. 

Starting the Ritual To Honor Your Deity of Choice

Step 1- An Offering for Your Deity

ksyfffka07 / Pixabay

Gather an offering and adorn your ritual space; this will depend on your deity. For example, I honor mother earth, and I gather leaves, flowers, feathers, plants, and more to adorn my space. I also collect an offering, generally wine, bread, and of course, something sweet for the fairies. 

Step 2- Candles

Gather two candles, one to thank your deity and one for honoring them. Color doesn’t matter; if you are unsure of the colors for your deity, white is always a safe bet.

Step 3- Ground or Center

Center yourself and place your candles.

Step 4- State Your Intentions to Your Deity

“I come to offer thanks and honor all you do,

To bid the past goodbye and welcome the new.

(Your deities name here) I light these candles for you alone

Please accept this offering as thanks for all you have shown.”


Step 5- Give Thanks

Light the first candle and give thanks.

“Thank you for the times you walked beside me,

For the strength you have shown and the beauty that was seen.

I light this candle and use my power to show,

I appreciate you more than you know.”

Step 6- Honor Your Deity

Light the second candle and honor them. You can do this with a moment of silence, placing your offering, or with speech.

“I offer this plate with the power in me,

To honor everything you for everything I see.”

Step 7 -Close Your Intentions

“As we transition into the new,

I show my gratitude for all you do.

I place this plate and honor your name,

This offering I hope you will claim.”

Step 7- Leave Your Offering

danielkirsch / Pixabay

Leave your candles lit if possible and leave the offering; sometimes, I move my offering outside for mother earth to claim as she sees fit. When blowing out the candles, give a final moment of thanks as the smoke dissolves.


Substitute or change whatever parts you see fit; this is only one of many examples of a ritual you can do. Also, always remember you can create rituals as well. There are no boundaries to magick except the ones you create and accept yourself.