Close your eyes, my dear

Fall asleep before you fall apart

You are better than this world, I fear

I mean that from the depths of my heart

You bring in the rainbow

with no need for a storm

Yet, you dance gracefully in the rain

And cool off the summer’s warmth

I held you tight, as tight as I could

Until you slipped from my grasp

Growing into your very own person

No longer the need for naps

Your footsteps change the world

and turn it into a better place

You made everyone around you laugh

And put smiles on the saddest face

Close your eyes, baby boy

And soak up all the rest you can

You have a world to change tomorrow

A lot of hope put on such a little man

You see the beauty in everything

I strive to protect the good in you

Hoping for a moment, they will all see

Our future is left to you

-The Un-Traditional Mother

For My Baby Boy


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