I am a firm believer in being open and honest with my children. At the young age of 6, my firstborn son has revealed that he is a Christian.  Yes, he is young so those beliefs may evolve as he ages, but in the meantime, he has a firm stance in how he feels.

As a pagan, I have always found my roots in nature. My home is where the water runs freely and the trees are the only protection from the elements. My son has followed in these footsteps for most of his life. He has found comfort and obsession with all nature has to offer.

SO, imagine my surprise when we were discussing Christianity and he boldly states “I don’t believe God exists, I know he does.” After further discussion, he talks about his want to pray and his interest in the Bible. I never hid any of these things from him, I simply didn’t know they interest him as much as they do.

Supporting His Faith

I never discussed why I don’t believe in the God referenced in the bible, but he knows that is not where my faith rest. So approaching the initial conversation with kid gloves, I dug a little deeper into why he believes, and what he believes in.

After my line of questioning, I learned many things about his faith and what he wants to know more about. For me, I had spent most of my life trying to believe, but coming up short. So, instead of planning out a path for his faith, I let him make the plans.

The Bible

As a very critical thinker, my son is very smart and very logic-based. For this reason, I was concerned about introducing the Bible to him at such a young age. At 6, he has already asked me and given the theory behind why he doesn’t believe in Santa. Just having faith was not an answer he readily accepted.

On a trip to our local library, we looked through Bibles and he picked out a children’s Bible. We began reading at bedtime and I did my best to answer the questions he had in the best way I possibly could.

Following His Path

When discussing how he wanted to move forward with his religious path, we made a plan for things like prayer and continuing his teachings. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law is a Christian, but she is also very accepting of my path. She was a good sounding board and someone to lead me through developing his faith and answering his questions.

Still, I teach him other teachings as well. We have discussed different sects of the Christian Church, other religions, and other beliefs. Not to persuade him in any way, in fact, I believe it has made his faith stronger. Reading stories from the Koran, discussions about mythology, and open discussions about feelings and beliefs have taken us on a beautiful journey together.

My Spirituality

jcoope12 / Pixabay

I have settled into my roots and become very comfortable with my journey. This may be part of the reason I can speak so non-bias of other beliefs. I have not altered my path fr him, I always planned on teaching him of the different paths and allowing him to find his own way.

His faith doesn’t change my faith, and he can look at it objectively without judging. Perhaps it is simply due to the innocent mind of a child, but I hold on to the eternal hope that even when he has a strong foundation of his own built, he will not try to destroy others simply because they do not agree.

Moving Forward

I have knelt to pray with my child. We have said grace before we enjoyed a family meal. Our family dynamic has not changed simply due to his love for Christianity, in fact, it has grown. A pagan, an atheist (my husband), and a Christian all share the same roof. We lift each other up, instead of trying to convert or exclude the other’s beliefs simply because it doesn’t fall in line with ours.

I may not have the passion of a Christian when supporting him on his path, but I have the love of a mother. He is my biggest belief, he is the most important part of my path, and I will teach him the best I can. As I look into churches and Sunday Schools for him, I will proudly stand by him as he guides his way through Christianity.

Looking Back

As much as I wish I had the knowledge and support to have found my own path earlier in life, I have thought many times; why is it only now that I am seeing this in a different light. I have always been accepting of other paths. I never had an interest in converting others or burying their beliefs to build my own, but now I look at it all in a different light.

Maybe silent acceptance is part of the problem. It took an open-minded little boy who has me wrapped around my finger to see; silent acceptance of someone’s beliefs is not support. Baptisms should be an event shared with everyone you love, not just the ones that attend your church.

Why are we so prone to say we are ‘open-minded’ about others’ beliefs, yet too blind to see that something as beautiful as faith should be shared with your loved ones without restraints. If someone offers you a prayer, accept it. If someone would like to cleanse your new home, let them. When someone offers a hand in the darkness, do not let something like faith make you refuse their help.

Love surpasses all, yet we judge and exclude those we love during significant parts of our life simply because we don’t share the same views. You will never be able to see through someone else’s eyes, but you can stand beside them and enjoy the view in front of them.

A wise man once said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”