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When I began working from home and building my business, I worried just like any parent about its effect on my children. A known helicopter mom and minor hypochondriac, I didn’t let them far from arms reach. Without my focus completely on them, I was curious as to how we would manage. Without a bubble-wrapped room and a maid at our beck and call, I assumed it would be disastrous.

Two little boys only 3 years apart in age would undoubtedly make a mess. The older child is intellectual and overly critical at the young age of 6, and the youngest is a rock collecting, puddle jumping, nerve-wracking heathen with a temper but a smile that would cure all aggravation. Polar opposites, the two would bump heads regularly, but the love and compassion were stronger than the urge to fight over a toy most days.
I took a step back and pressed myself to be hands-off a little bit more, for their own good and mine. A watchful eye stalled my work, but as I watched them, I realized with hesitation, they were fine without holding my hand every second.

Now, a little boy was running with bunny ears and a pink blanket flapping around him like a cape whilst enduring a great battle in my living room. Where I saw nothing but dust bunnies and an old wrapping paper roll, he saw a great adventure and a trusty sword. The other, no doubt, was the monster in the darkness, hiding under an end table; he was safe from the trusty knight inside his invisible cave it seems.

Trying to focus on work while they were busy having fun, I found myself more in tune with keeping up with the storyline. The monster slowly crawling out from the depths and was met with a great knight towering above him. He was guarding the queen, and where I would normally reject the crown of plastic cat ears placed upon my head, I was instead honored that such a fight would ensue simply for my safety.

As I sat preparing a proposal for a new client, kitty cat ears intact, the fierce monster appeared under my desk chair, and thankfully the trusty knight was there to save me. He used his mighty sword to cut the arm off of the monster. I have to admit, watching my son crawl across the floor with one arm tucked inside his shirt was, in fact, a sight to be seen.

He dragged his damaged body over towards the evil wizard who would inevitably heal him by licking his wounds. Loki, our trusty steed some days and evil wizard others had no problem kissing his little boy enough that his hair was damp and his pride was restored, along with his arm, it seemed.

Admittedly, the storyline got a little bit fuzzy for me when they had both banned together to fight the zombie birds that were meowing and chasing the tails of the capes that drug across the floor. The danger had healed all animosity between the two, and with peace being restored upon the kingdom, for the most part, I exited left the stage to make lunch for my ferocious knight and the now trusted monster from the darkness.

The work would get done eventually, but the battle would not have waited for my attention. They teach me something new every day and show me more love and admiration than I know what to do with, and quite frankly, I am unsure I even deserve it.

Life gets busy, but if you haven’t had a chance to recently, sit back and watch the beauty and imagination that occurs when you leave a little mind to its own devices.

Who knows, you might end up queen for a day.

-The Un-Traditional Mother


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