My head spins with thoughts of despair
My heart sinks and my lungs gasp for air

The walls in my head have shaded the light
My body is exhausted and I’m losing the fight

Words form, but have nothing to say
A grey perception of a blackened day

I scream in my mind, but no one will hear
I want to move but I am frozen from fear

My body aches from pain unseen
And I seek the sun like some kind of feen

I am stalled in a place where no one knows my name
Where people with no faces have learned to love the pain

I collapse and let the mother cradle my all
As the others gather to laugh at my fall

Tears stream down with no effort of control
My heart and mind clear, the more they flow

I gasp a glorious and clean breath
As I walk away and no longer mourn my prior lifes’ death

I leave a broken body and a blackened soul
I walk away from my temple, finally made whole

I hear the birds chirp and the song of the wind
As I take a step forward and begin again

– The Un-Traditional Mother