Of my 5 children, I have 2 strong empaths, my now 19-year-old daughter and my 6-year-old son. As an empath myself I could tell by the emotions and anxiety in my children, but for others, it was hard to see. My daughter has always been amazingly brilliant in a lot of ways, but the poor girl can walk into a room with someone who is upset and she absorbs their energy so strongly her mood immediately changes. She is powerful but she lets the emotion become her emotion. I think we have all struggled with that.

My 6-year-old has always been sensitive. When he was a tiny baby in his car seat at the grocery store, he would start crying moments before another child would. A month before the virus hit, he started to beg us not to take him into public at 5 years old. Even a quick trip to the grocery store seemed to exhaust him. He would come home and get those emotions out. Finally, he started explaining, “everyone out there is so sad and angry.”I tell you about my experience because I want you to know you are not alone.
Not only have we all felt these things, but there are warning signs to look out for in your children. If you are not an empath, these are hard to spot or understand, especially when your children are too little to explain.


  • After trips into public your child always seems exhausted or anxious, especially when there is no need to be. My 6-year-old would break down when we got home from a simple trip out.
  • I have heard many young children use the word “Loud” to explain the situation. If your child has said a place or a situation is too loud, it doesn’t always mean a sound you can hear.
  • At parks or family gatherings, your child seems drawn and clingy to a person. My kids love my mother-in-law to pieces. My son says in an odd situation, “Pawpaw calms him,” my daughter is usually drawn to someone who seems lonely or sad.
  • Drastic mood changes in a public or social setting. A large mood swing can also show that someone close by or the mood in the area has changed.
  • Acting out, especially with how things are right now if your child has started acting out when going out, throwing fits, being rebellious. Right now, everything is loud to an empath.

Keep in mind, I am not saying every time a child acts out, there is a “Magickal” reason, but also keep in mind they may be feeling things you aren’t.


For younger children, it is harder to help them to control the emotion around them and teach them not to absorb it.

  • Focus is the most helpful thing for younger kids, for really young children a specific stuffed animal helps if the child gets overwhelmed it provides comfort, but it also provides a good distraction. The attention span of a young child is easily changed, so if someone picks up a loved stuffy and creates a show with it, it is bound to become the center of that child’s universe once again.
  • Helping them to focus, even if it’s offering a treat or a piece of gum at the end of the trip. Leave something to be desired and remind them about it when they start getting tense.
  • After a trip out, a walk outside or a trip to the playground, etc. is a great outlet. If you’re in a safe place, letting them play barefoot is great, it helps them to not only release energy, but it helps them to ground.
  • Something as simple as dropping a few drops of lavender on the head of your babies stuffed animal will also help, just make sure it is something you have used around your child before putting them in direct contact.
  • Using your personal power can also help, using a comforting spell or shielding spell is always helpful.


  • Grounding, especially when they are teens, grounding is great in many cases. Hormones, mood swings, overwhelming emotions, all of this can be helped with grounding. Even if your child isn’t an empath, teaching them to ground is always advisable.
  • Certain stones to carry in stressful situations. Abalone shell, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Jasper, Crystal, Emerald, Hematite, and so many more are great stones for protection and centering.
  • Wearing essential oils, or having something to put essential oils on, like a bracelet, etc.
  • Remind them their feelings are their own, always try to make them see, other’s emotions are not their emotions. They have a gift, not a curse, they just have to use it the right way so they don’t damage themselves.
  • Affirmations or just chants to repeat. “I will see my goals clearly and balance myself”, “The emotions I am feeling are not my own”, etc.
  • Self-protection and shielding spells, you can do them together or you can help them find spells that fit their needs.

Keep in mind, I am not a doctor, I am just a mother who has seen the effects of being an empath on my children and who has also reached out for answers. I hope I have helped some of you discover the many ways to assist in raising an empath! Don’t deny their power. Help them to embrace it.

-The Un-Traditional Mother


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