We all know how sometimes the world has a tenancy to stifle the imagination and make you only believe certain things are possible. Whether you’re just being introduced into magick, or you have been practicing for a long time but seem to have lost your way. This note is for you.

In a lot of beginners’ guides or most advice is always to start out with meditation, and finding yourself and your third eye, but what next? There always seems to be a gap between the very beginning and being comfortable with your craft… so what’s next if you are doubting yourself? Believing in Magick is easy, but believing in your magick, especially if suffering from a low self-image, mental or physical health issues, or constantly pushing low expectations on yourself, is much harder, and there aren’t many self-help books regarding learning to use your power when you feel weak.

If you haven’t practiced meditation, grounding, etc these are still important things to do, rarely does anyone become a master at it, but practicing centering yourself will always be the first step in managing your power. Otherwise, it will be too easy to get distracted, or too easy to not focus, and therefore your power will not be focused, and it is far too easy to feel like you’re failing, even though you’re not, you’re just inadvertently dispersing your power to other places at the same time.

Remember magick is limitless if you allow it to be, one of the first things I learned to do after I felt I had lost my power and my path, was what I like to call “Magick in the Moment”. It wasn’t placing a protection spell on my home, because some things like this are far too vague to build up your self-esteem, you may go years in your home with no negative energy yet still doubt as to whether or not your spell worked because of the effects weren’t right upfront.

Magick at the moment for me was sitting outside on a hot day with no wind, and closing my eyes, centering myself, mentally thinking of a short phrase asking the Mother to assist me, and focusing on producing a slight breeze. Even if it was just enough to slightly move a leaf a few inches. Silly maybe, but magick isn’t always going to be right there in your face, sometimes it’s subtle, and you have to look for it. Just always remember, just because you can not levitate yourself off of a bed, or perform shape-shifting, it doesn’t mean your not powerful.

Without believing in yourself you are missing your main weapon when it comes to Magick. Magick in the real world does not depend just on a wand, it doesn’t move power by whom is wearing the robe, it is within you, and you are the reason these things have the power. If you do a confidence ritual but are distracted, or you don’t believe in yourself enough to think it will work, you will not see the effects. Remember, especially at the beginning, even when using crystals, oils, herbs, your main goal should be believing in yourself, start small, because by going too large and too fast your also welcoming failure.

If you do a spell with all the right things to find love, and you meet someone whom you love but does not love you back, or who loves you in a way you do not want to be loved, you will doubt your power, and doubt magick as a whole… without the understanding that the power is within you. Instead of requesting love from the universe, request that you gain the confidence and vision to find the love of your life… it’s the difference. That is where you will find your power, and the more you learn to trust yourself, and the more you learn you are powerful, although you may need a little help from the Gods sometimes, the further you will get….

and maybe, just maybe when you are able to levitate, you will have the faith you won’t drop yourself on your head.

-The Un-Traditional Mother