We have been brought to a time in our history that wearing a physical mask has become an everyday occurrence. It also begs the question of whether or not we feel more comfortable leaving our metaphorical mask behind. Whether your metaphorical mask has been put on to hide a spiritual part of yourself, to hide an injured part of yourself, or just for convenience’s sake. Wearing a mask is not a flaw. It’s not shameful, nor is it abnormal. As we walk through different life stages, I have come to a truce with the part of me that dons the mask.

Whether it be for a moment when translating my words to a religious family member to “you are in my prayers,” or whether it be a daily mask I put on, so my children aren’t faced with the ugliness of a chronic illness. Your mask is just that, yours. I was drawn to a book at one point, even though it didn’t follow my direct path and I had never bought a book like it, the book clung to my hand, and I brought it home. One passage stood out to me so strongly that 10 years later, this passage remains the first page of my book of shadows. The book “Witchcraft, Theory, and Practice” by Ly De Angeles, under the section ‘Never To Walk In Anyone’s Shadow,’ remains a small, seemingly normal paragraph that changed my life. It states;

“Advertising, concepts of what is deemed successful, and concepts of what is deemed acceptable are all effective means of manipulating the individuality of a person or a people into conformist models. It’s okay to do what you do because you want to, and sometimes it’s a matter of necessity to don the mask, but it’s honorable to know who you are within the whole of it all and to don the mask only when it’s expedient to do so — never forgetting it’s a mask.”

“Witchcraft, Theory, and Practice” by Ly De Angeles

Most of us have been taught to silently don the mask since we were children. It’s not normal to talk about spirits, and many other statements made to us as we grow to teach us to hide the parts of us that are not “normal” and conform to a more neutral state. Keep in mind that teaching us to don the mask is usually to protect us, but we learn to conform to an unrealistic model at a young age. Usually, that model is someone who lives behind a mask anyway. Donning the mask is not something to be ashamed of. Used correctly, the mask is an object of security, not only for you but for those around you.

When a loved one gets married in a catholic setting, I go for support, sit quietly, observe their traditions, and respect their faith. I stand when asked to and participate in the traditions of my loved ones. No, I do not have to embrace the church, I do not have to pretend to eat their prophet, but I conform to the ways of my loved one out of nothing but love… You are not the mask you wear; you are the intention behind choosing to wear the mask. You are still the entire person behind that mask. Do not betray the person behind the mask, do not don the mask if something feels wrong. The mask is not something to affect your free will, nor is it something that should lead you astray from your path. Instead, view it just as you would your wand, your Book of Shadows, or any tool you use in your daily life. Intentions make the difference between white and black, right or wrong. Never get lost in the person your mask represents. Remember it is you, always you, stand strong, and use your personal power. Also, try to find times during the process of wearing the mask to take it off. Even if it’s just to step aside and ground yourself. If your spirit seems exhausted, evaluate your time behind the mask.

Using your energy to portray the mask can be exhausting. As said in the passage, “sometimes it’s a necessity to don the mask,” but always ask, is it for necessity, or are you dawning the mask strictly for the sake of others?

“Never forgetting it’s a mask.”

“Witchcraft, Theory, and Practice” by Ly De Angeles

-The Un-Traditional Mother

“Witchcraft, Theory, and Practice” by Ly De Angeles can be found HERE- https://www.amazon.com/Witchcraft-Theory-Practice-Ly-Angeles/dp/156718782X/ref=asc_df_156718782X/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312115051380&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6701432029616294873&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9014923&hvtargid=pla-572050307035&psc=1

*This article contains no affiliate links nor am I profiting by advertising this book, it is simply a tool that helped me discover my own path and I think it may be of value to others as well.