As we embark on a state of redundancy, it seems only fitting that the lines between good and evil have been blurred so. The mention of bipartisan would get you attacked from both sides. The truly damned walk in the daylight and rule the streets, while those who genuinely speak peace or strive for security have to stand alone and blend in with those who walk in the light.

Peacekeepers are turned into criminals, and criminals are set free on the streets even with prolonged sentencing from a flawed justice system. Law and order rules no more, as those whom once participated in a once well-meaningly placed system are now fearful of their lives to speak the truth. Sex, race, age, nor innocence matter in the shadows of the world we now live in on a consistent basis.

Religion and spirituality have been watered down and dampened so by the intentions of the leaders in each group that the threat of damnation is sometimes welcomed just to escape the grips of those who speak so loudly but have words of no meaning. We are taught to hate, judge, and pull people from the comfort of their own beliefs into the grips of our own simply to feed the greedy mouths at the top of the imaginary pedestal who claim to be the closest to our vision of faith.

A loud yet morally silent majority took the evil and incorrect and turned it into the norm. Scenes play out on the news of groups turning on their own people for a simple thrill or a possible gain. Our children are no longer safe, and the water has been poisoned with a promise of a cure.

Those whom willingly drink are promised great riches and higher status, while those who do not are exiled from their closest loved ones and labeled “inept to socialize.” Few places are safe from tyrants, and the places that are have been uncovered with dramatic reveals of violence and dishonesty.

No one is to be trusted, for even those that share the same wish for peace or long for a community from their childhood that no longer exists can turn into destruction for all those involved. That small inkling of hope fosters and sprouts the seed of betrayal and infiltration, even without intent.

It is odd to stand on the edge of oblivion holding the hand of your child. We seek places of sunlight and peace where our words will only be heard by understanding ears, and our laughter can be set free and flow through the air without worry of whom may hear it. My eyes constantly scanning the surroundings in hopes that just maybe the souls of the innocent can remain free for another moment or two.

The fear in my oldest son’s voice when his younger brother wanders more than 5 feet away saddens my soul but comforts my mind all the same. I have failed to protect his mind from the chaos that riddles the world, yet have somehow also preserved his heart in such a way that it has not been poisoned by the expectation of hate, not yet. He expects silence from those around him, and I guard his ears as much as possible from the words that used to be unspeakable. I dread taking them out into the masses but also dread one day the feeling of loneliness that I feel from time to time.

They light up when a friendly face says hello to them, and in some of our favorite corners of nature, where we find ourselves unchained by expectation and hate, the face of a stranger will sometimes appear. Just as skeptical as we are, but the gentle smile when they see two little boys covered in water and mud with a mother standing firm guard will soften the face of those who remember the good of what the world once was. Silent respect is shown as we pass one another, trying desperately to hold on to the hope that we can offer our children the idea and hopes that a different world is possible.

Monsters of the old days have turned into fairy tales and the nightmares that haunt their sleep are the acts one human can do against another human or the natural events caused by our dying home and the betrayal after everything she has given to us, including our lives. Sadly those in control do not consider that we could survive without vehicles, even without power, but our children can’t survive without bees or air.

A sense of entitlement surrounds our steady decline, somedays it seems like a race as to who will destroy us first, other humans, or the home we have left in a neglectful and abused state. People love the new so much they forget about the old. Once something is out of date, it is simply put aside, keeping the money-hungry giants striving for more frequent production and the landfills encroaching on the people’s homes and tearing through the tiny remaining places of peace.

Big hearts try to hold onto hope, and big brains see the end is near but take no action. The shared space between them is filled with inevitable greed to follow their own ways instead of compromising for the way of others. People have become disposable to other people. Kindness has is only displayed when it can favor the displayer in the outcome.

This is no longer living. This is surviving. For what good are we holding on to when the winds have proven they will always favor the greedy? Change is a concept only considered for personal gain. Cards are on the table. Why is it considered insanity to fold your hand and walk away? Isn’t it insanity not to?

-The Un-Traditional Mother