Dear you,

I find myself watching you without trying to,

Watching you as you go about your day.

I see you struggle and the smile you force too,

As you try your best to hide the darkness and the pain.

I can’t help but wonder why,

Why do you push your body to the edge of comfort?

I can’t help but see the tear in your eye,

Why do you force your mind to lock away the hurt?

When you actually smile, it lights up the room.

When you speak your mind, you say the words many need to hear

Then you turn your eyes towards the ground,

Once again, the darkness reappears.

I see you there pushing yourself along,

Doing your daily duties and forcing a happy face.

I listen to the words of your favorite song,

And wonder if you belong in this place.

A heart that cares too much,

Emotions of others you take on.

This world is only standing on an invisible crutch,

Barely surviving till the next new dawn.

Yet you bring a mystical feeling to an already dead place,

You show the world what it takes to hold on.

You feel like you don’t make a difference with the fake smile upon your face,

But I watch the light leave the room as soon as you are gone.

You make the difference with every fake smile,

And every time you show you care about a stranger.

You prove there is some magic left in this world,

And that not every new face is a danger.

I see you struggle to feel at home,

In a place so full of indifference and pain.

I see you bring hope to those

Who wish for a friendly community again.

So while you walk about your day,

Doing seemingly insufficient tasks.

I see you leaving behind a trail of kindness,

Even behind your mask.

So even if your smile is fake,

And your day has not gone as planned.

Remember the world hasn’t given up on you,

even if you feel it’s already damned.

-The Un-Traditional Mother


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