I saw you for a moment,

Hidden in the dust

As time stood still

I was flooded with memories of us

For a single moment

The first in 10 years

I didn’t miss you

Because it felt as if you were here

I watched you play with your little brothers

And teach them a few things

Then tears fell from your eyes

As you said you had to leave

My heart and soul began to beg

As I asked you to stay

I was sure I wouldn’t survive this again

If you had to go away

Then you wrapped your arms around me

And said, “mom, I am so proud,

I have seen you comfort those

Who don’t have seen children around”

“But mom, I have to go

Because just as your doing here,

I am helping the unseen children visit their mom

And know they should not shed a tear”

“See mommy when I was taken,

I was so very young,

That I didn’t know how to get back to you

Until I asked the people I was placed among”

“Mommy, now I take those babies,

And I show them their mommy’s face

And I teach them how to travel

And enjoy our beautiful place”

I wrapped him in my arms,

As he slowly faded away

Back into the dust

Then for a moment, I heard children play

Now when I see a mother

Who’s heart has been torn in two

I think of my beautiful boy

And know they are watching over you

There is no way to grieve

Such a loss as this

We just survive with wounds

And forever walk with a limp

The unseen children are here

Watching us as we mourn

A group of perfect angels

Too beautiful to be born