I saw my old friend
Shining so bright
But she was moving fast
Almost too fast to say goodnight

I admired her beauty
And asked her for peace
Knowing my dear friend
Always helped me release

The sky darkened
She silently moved past
Struck by her near absence
I asked why leave so fast?

No answer was heard
And I gave up hope
I hung my head in sorrow
Not knowing how to cope

But the energy caught me
It held my feet to the ground
Enjoying the clean air
I didn’t make a sound

Silently I was comforted
Then suddenly I was struck
With a urge to stop
And take a look up

The darkness swallowed me
The stars shined so bright
I forgot my own sorrows
And let in the light

Suddenly I saw
What I was there to see
Meteors started falling
Like it was just for me

The silent tears
Rolled so fast
And each was meant
With a beautiful flash

The sky lit up
I was no longer alone
Suddenly the love
Was so blatenly shown

I thanked the Gods
For a night such as this
And thanked mother earth
And left her with a kiss

I reached for the moon
And ended up alone
Just so she could show me
At times the darkness is needed for beauty to be shown

-The Un-Traditional Mother