At War With Ourselves

Technology and social media have developed gaps in our society that we have not experienced before. When most older generations were growing up, we were still under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies, not only for the military but also for most sensitive subjects. We took open political or religious talk in public as a practice for people with less than stellar manners. While I am not voicing whether or not this was the correct way for a more civilized society, it is the way it was, and it closed the gap for many of us.

Taking out the needless arguments of religion, politics, and other unsanctioned advice freely given over social media channels, we were closer as a nation. If you weren’t willing to lose an immediate friend or upset the stranger looking directly at your face, you would not voice your opinion on such sensitive matters without considering the repercussions of your actions.

The truth is most of us have no problem seeing that when we voice our opinions on things like politics, war, parenting, etc., that we are not recruiting people to our way of thinking, we are simply arguing for argument’s sake. Just as you have no idea what the person on the other side of your blunt comment has been through that day, you have no idea why that person is choosing to vote for who they voted for, nor why they choose not to participate in your religious activities on Sunday.

How Does This Effect Our Mental Status?

We are a social species; without banning together in groups, a majority of our society would not survive. This is not only for the production of food, resources, etc. but because without social interaction; we would have to reason to evolve into the advanced society we have.

Yes, many of us think it would be glorious to withdraw from society and live in the trees. However, unless you are willing to pull a “Naked and Afraid” scenario, you will still be using the resources from our society to build your home and survive.

The problem with social media is it takes society out of communication. You do not always think of who is behind the screen on the other end as you type. So as you write your parenting 101 tips on a social media post, or the “if your not doing this a certain way, you’re doing it wrong” articles, you have no bearings on how you may make those who are just beyond the veil of the dimly lit screen feel.

It’s Not Just You

All of society does this. We deem the feelings of the person reading our comments, articles, and post secondary (if at all) to the fact what we have to share is more important. For instance, if you look a tired mother in the eyes, you are far less likely to judge the child behind her partaking in a sugar-filled treat, at least to her face. You are less likely to talk about how horrible and unnecessary war is before a veteran who lost his legs defending your right to say so.

Words Without Consequences

Many of us who write simply because we love to write would still hold back the stories of those who hurt us if they are close to us. We consider that we not only care how that person feels but that we will also see that person face to face at some point in time.

I believe that if you feel the need to share your story, you should. If people wanted to be painted with a prettier shade, they should have acted with a prettier attitude. BUT I believe this because we should all be responsible for our own actions, including our words.

The Future of Our Path

We teach our children the words they should not say and the words they should. Yet, when they become old enough to indulge in social media, we teach them to be the soldiers of this generation and stand up for what’s right or at least what we think is right. The fact is, where you stand and what you see through your eyes are not clearly seen by others.

We debate subjects out of our control with people who make no difference in our day-to-day life. Personally, I think a healthy debate is… well… healthy, but unless you are debating with FACTS, you are arguing perspective. That person will never see through your eyes.

The Remedy

I once told my son that reading someone’s post is like reading their diary; unless they are attention-seeking, they state how something made them feel. Take it as just that, then walk away. There is no reason to hate them, and people like them because they view something differently. We will always have different perspectives. We will always see things differently.

You can’t fight for individuality and equality then expect everyone to think just like you. If we can’t handle the thoughts of a million people, then we should not be on social media. Your feelings are yours, and you are free to write about them in any way you wish… remember, the article you could have written to show your perspective on a situation will be much more powerful than the words you waisted trying to change someone’s feelings.

Let the other side’s thoughts fuel your passion and create something that will move more people instead of just angering one.

You can move mountains with your own words, don’t waste that on someone else’s post.

-The Un-Traditional Mother