Recently I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing group on a Halloween story collaboration. First of all, these writers were amazing! I had a great time chatting and working with them, this was my first collaboration, and I am looking forward to more!

Our Halloween short story series has 9 parts. Each part is written by a different writer. We were given the creative freedom to continue the Halloween short story in any way we wished, as long as we added one new character. The order was picked at random and I wrote the first part.

If you have a chance to read and heart our Halloween short story collaboration, we have come together to take you on a journey through a mother’s grief, the dark parts of the mind, the thinning of the veil, and give you a new perspective of death and mental health. It is truly an emotional and bone-chilling story that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

I hope you enjoy it! Follow the links below!

Vocal Creator’s Saloon Halloween Short Story Series

Vocal Halloween Short Story Series- Photo by Teisha LeShea

Part 1- A Mother’s Undying Love by The Un-Traditional Mother

Part 2- Abigail’s Truth by Tiandra Callaway Moore

Part 3- Charlotte’s Sorrow by Natasja Rose

Part 4- Unveil by Sofia Duarte

Part 5- Twins In The Garden by Paula Shablo

Part 6- Silence Is Chilling by Lindsay Phillips

Part 7- Mark’d For Journey’s End

Part 8- The Favorite by Angela Derscha

Part 9- Recognition by Courtney Capone

Thank you to all who support us and all the amazing writers involved. Also, a huge thank you to Vocal Creator’s Saloon and the admin, Teisha LeShea, for an amazing group and for bringing us all together.

Stay tuned, we are currently working on another collaboration. We hope to shed light on Breast Cancer Awareness and promote a very good cause. I will post an article with all the links as soon as we are finished, but if you would like to start reading, please feel free to follow us on our journey by starting with Part 1- Pink Bubbles by Courtney Capone.

As always, thank you for being a part of my journey!