The Silence

At first glance, the world we have so casually lead ourselves into seems somehow normal. Yet, the silence seems to speak more than the protest and the fires ever did. We have embraced a world so set on destruction we are trying to normalize a divided community.

The silence screams much louder than the news or the social media warriors that never stop. What we don’t see is what concerns me most. The shootings are becoming more common and hitting closer to home, yet the only way to learn about the tragedy is on social media channels. The news cares more to report the stories that fit their narrative rather than remembering another life lost due to senseless violence.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to recall when it all went quiet. Oddly, one day I just noticed a dreary silence, and it seemed as though the world stood still. It’s not that the crime stopped, that the virus has calmed, nor is it that we are at peace; it is simply because we stopped believing positive change was an option.

The Virus Update

hulkiokantabak / Pixabay

Infection rates have skyrocketed, and the powers that be are now arguing amongst themselves on the legitimacy of the cure. How much is too much to pump into a human and still deem it helpful. The age recommendation continues to lower, and as school starts, all children over six can partake in the cure now. Such convenient timing, I would say.

The cold is coming, and statistics from the years prior say it will only get worse. Yet, nothing changes. Talks of another shut-down are debated in regards to money, not human lives or safety. Wearing a mask is becoming required again in some places, but the type of mask doesn’t matter. Requiring one to wear a thin fabric over their mouth isn’t productive in the least. But I assume it provides someone, somewhere, a tiny bit of comfort.

It has become just another line that divides us instead of bringing us together. Those who partook in the cure frown upon those who didn’t, and those who didn’t argue about their rights not to do so. It is a vicious battle between neighbors that no one will ever win.

It Will Get Worse

We have no direction any longer. It seems a new situation pops up every day that just adds more space into our already divided nation. It truly makes you long for the days that politics and religion were a private matter, not discussed unless you felt comfortable doing so. It was personal preference, not a gap between humanity.

Now, as we stand at the cusp of change, I worry it will be for the worse. The lines that divide us seem to play a much more important role than those that bring us together. I am no longer a mother; I am my race. I am no longer a homemaker; I am my political party. I am no longer human; I am simply the labels that have been placed upon me.

Tho-Ge / Pixabay

Where Do We Go From Here

The silence screams much louder than any voice. Our rights being taken away and what’s happening overseas flood the headlines before the deaths that have occurred. The government makes it hard to stand on your own, but integrating into the masses poses more threats than any virus.

The times of change are coming. As we stand firmly and begin the next chapter of our nation’s history, will we stand together, or will we stand divided?

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