The sea of eyes that are so cautiously looking out from the crowd is enough to make even the most popular of people uncomfortable. We have all been stuffed into tiny little boxes and labeled by stereotypes. If you fall under one of the titles placed on you by society, you must fall in place.
A once noble and attention-grabbing society who expressed their individuality proudly has now become simply the labels placed over our heads. There is no room for forming an opinion and even less room for expressing one.

People Talk

Seemingly representing equality, people have learned to love the sound of their own voice. Perhaps a harsh judgment to rule upon, there is no meaning behind the empty words of those only hoping to gain something in return. The idea of 15 minutes of fame has turned people into nothing but a video, taken on a mobile device and twisted to become what they think will gain the most attention.

Empty words are spread through every outlet, and social media has become the standard place to seek “news.” As our world crumbles, the people are not even focusing on the task at hand; instead, they focus on the fanatical words of a few people riddled throughout society and judge the label over their head more than the individual.

All In the Name of Equality

Slander and discrimination have become the rule. No matter how good of a person you are, if your skin color, religion, or any other socially acceptable label placed upon you matches that of the aggressor, you will be judged just like him.

It is far easier to stay quiet than to express a belief that goes against what society has ruled common law. There are no repercussions to those that speak the loudest, and the empty words that riddle the ears of the truly good and innocent people now force them to stay quiet.

Feminism at its Finest

We fought for equal rights and still fight to become equal members of society rather than judged by what is inside our pants. We have made significant strides, and with unfortunate yet necessary prose, we understand some will never look into a woman’s eyes and see an equal.

Yet, the sad reality is feminism has gone past that of equal rights. Some stand firmly on the line of true equality, for that they are generally looked down upon. We have fought to allow future generations the chance to succeed. Yet, some will never be happy. Our daughters have to stand firm just as we once did, yet they have more negativity now than we ever did.

Women scream for extra time off, to be first in line for a promotion when they have not earned it, and to succeed without the work being done. Our daughters are pushed up on petastools while our sons watch from below. Even at a young age, the male gender is now being villanized for the possibility of what they will do in the future.

The worst part is our girls. We have placed labels so firmly above our children’s heads that they are guided into our views of what they should be. They are being made to follow our dreams, not theirs.

They watch women degrade women for simple truths or following their passion. When asked what you want to be as you grow, a mother is no longer an acceptable answer. If they claim otherwise, the women who care for their homes and raise their children are now thought to be oppressed and against equality.

Those who stand for equality are silenced by those who scream for special treatment. We are fighting discrimination with discrimination, and in the end, our children will suffer for it.

Playing The Race Card

We have been neatly placed into boxes with the same skin color as ours. Those with darker skin are deemed criminals. Those with white skin are considered to be racist. We have discriminated ourselves into segregation.

The act of fighting for equality has been dampened by those who are judging from a high place. You can not overstep the boundaries of cultural appropriation, yet, you have to treat those other cultures equally to yours.

The color of our skin has dictated a future of separation, even after fighting so hard for the integration of our countries people.

When Things Fall Apart

The labels placed so firmly on our wardrobe are just as bad. Once praised, police officers are now demonized due to a bad few that acted with false pretenses. Yet, we still expect to call them when we need help and them to serve us.

Businessmen are thought to be male-shovanist and represent “rape culture,” yet we still call the lawyers for help and expect the realtors to find us new homes.

We have taken our past and threw it away with the statues of those who formed our country as a society. We have watered down history so much that we have forgotten the faces of our ancestors and are following down the same roads they once did.

Children are taught the countries first war against itself was to ban slavery, not to promote unity. Our mothers and fathers are just as guilty for the misrepresentation of our past. We are doomed to repeat the nasty parts of history that have been hidden or deemed unnecessary to learn.

The Fight

Lines are formed, angry words are being said on public channels, and the armies prepare for the future fight. Rose-colored glasses are firm upon the faces of those who see evil but choose to do nothing. You can only segregate the masses so much before they begin to fight back. The line has been drawn. The actions of those that speak loudly with nothing to say, and destroy in the name of peace, are bringing out those that kept silent while their rights were stripped away.

We are tired, the labels that have been placed upon us are too heavy to carry, and we have lost all sight of unity and freedom. Our words are taken, and our intent is twisted to meet the needs of those looking to tear us apart.

We can not continue down the path we are on. Destruction and abuse will only rule for so long before shots are fired. The quiet peacekeepers are stepping out from the shadows, and the people who stand for the genuine ideas of equality and peace are about to speak. The actions of those with no truth behind their words will determine the future. Let us pray they speak cautiously.

-The Un-Traditional Mother