A simple solution for a magical clean!

Making your own all-natural cleaning products is a tempting endeavor, no matter your reason for doing so. I became wary of store-bought cleaners when my oldest son was a toddler. The fact that I could not stop him from doing what he would do, but I could change what I did to be safer for him, was bluntly apparent.

The recipe for this natural cleaning solution is simple. I will point out some additions you can add to make it stronger or to smell better as well.


You will need;

2 Lemons

2 Oranges

2 Cups of White Vinegar

2 Quarts of Water

Step 1: add the water and vinegar into a container, I prefer glass, but plastic will work just as well. (Vinegar will degrade metal over a long period of time, so a metal container is not recommended.)

Step 2: Peel the Lemons and Oranges

Step 3: Squeeze the juice out of half of the remaining pulps from both fruits before disposing of them

Step 4: Add the peels

Step 5: Wait a minimum of 2 days before straining and using the cleaning solution.

Step 6: This solution is concentrated at first to help break down the rines. For tough messes, you can use the solution like it is. I generally use about a 50/50 mix of the solution and water in a spray bottle for everyday cleaning. (You can also leave it to sit longer or leave the skins in the remaining solutions for a stringer citrus smell.)

Why Use These Ingrediants?

Cleaning Properties

White Vinegar is a powerful cleaning product and is found in many of our cleaning products. Not only is it a powerful cleaning solution, but it is also strong enough to kill bacteria! Its anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties, alongside the power to clean stubborn hard water stains and illuminate stubborn orders, make it a fundimental ingredient in any household cleaner. It’s a great bonus that it is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Lemons are a great natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial. The acid in the lemon juice helps to cut through grease, dirt, and stains as well, and the oils in lemon rines are also great for making things shine. Pairing this with the refreshing and invigorating scent made this a no-brainer to integrate into a much loved, all-natural home cleaner.

Oranges have many similar properties to lemons except, for one thing, the rines. Orange rines produce an oil that is a powerful degreaser and is not a drying agent like so many other cleaners. The orange oil from the rines creates a shine and hydrates your surfaces, making this not only cleans but protects and prolongs the life of your much-loved furniture.

Metaphysical Properties

Most of you know I am a magick-in-the-moment type of person, so why should cleaning your home be any different?

Vinegar is a powerful cleanser magically as well—a definite household must-have for many reasons; cleaning, removing, healing, cooking, and more. I will do my best to stick to why it is an amazing natural cleaning tool.

As with everything, the intent is powerful, but combining intent with a vinegar cleanser is the best of all worlds. Vinegar is great to use for purification and cleansing wither your entire home or even just your workspace. It can rid an area of negative vibes and create a veil of protection, it is also commonly used on windows and mirrors.

Lemons are used to rid an area of evil spirits and negative energy. Useful where you perform rituals or to cleanse new amulets or supplies, lemons are associated with moon magic and can break negative ties and also banish and protect. For use in your home as a household cleaner, with your intent added, you can clean and protect with one spray!

Oranges boost fertility spells, divination spells and are associated with success and prosperity. The good vibes and energy oranges give off increase positivity, energy levels and promote positive mental health. When used in a cleanser, combined with the other supplies, you can cleanse and enlighten your area. Oranges bring positivity and increase the bond of those in your home.

Water is a life-giving, powerful element that we take for granted. Used for spells, cleansing, and so much more, the moon can also charge water to enhance its already powerful magic abilities.


Dawn dish soap is something I generally add to my kitchen cleanser. Now that my children are older, I don’t have to worry as much. Keep in mind, combined with the ingredients listed above. A little goes a long way. A simple squirt that amounts to less than a teaspoon is enough to take the elbow grease out of even the toughest kitchen messes.

Essential Oils can cut down the vinegar smell if desired. The smell should not be strong to begin with, and let it sit with the rines in it for a longer period of time has the same effect. It’s not always the most convenient thing to wait, so a couple of drops of citrus essential oil is a good substitute when time is of the essence.


An all-natural cleaner is something that becomes a necessity in different areas of life. I have eliminated all other cleaners from my home when cleaning the kid’s rooms, pet enclosures, and even mixing larger quantities to do the floors.

With the high acidity of this mixture, be careful and proceed with caution when using it to clean things like softwood, crystals, clothing, and more to ensure you do not cause a diverse effect. With this being the main cleanser in my home, I have not experienced any issues in the 6 years I have made and perfected this recipe.

I appreciate any feedback and have also considered making samples to give away for people wary about putting in the effort for themselves. If you would like to see this happen, please comment, and subscribe to my mailing list for more all-natural mom tips!


Campsite Cirtics · August 28, 2021 at 5:34 pm

I used to make my own cleaning recipes. I don’t remember why I stopped. My house felt and smelled much better using homemade cleaners. Thank you for the reminder to start up again.

    Laura · September 8, 2021 at 11:03 am

    I can’t wait to give this a try! I clean with vinegar all the time but the citrus sounds so much fresher.

      untraditionalmother · September 10, 2021 at 11:11 am

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, for a more citrus smell, leave the peels in for as long you can! The smell definitely covers the vinegar smell but is remarkably fresh!

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