I think, to a certain extent, we have all asked ourselves, how can one person really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? There is no microphone being held up to my lips, nor are my opinions being broadcast to an audience of millions… I am simply one person.

The Entirety Of The Big Picture

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The more it is considered, the more it seems an unreasonable task to believe is possible. Looking back on history, we clearly see that the people who made a difference as just one person had not necessarily set out that day to do so. Ann Frank, Rosa Parks, Jesus, even Stephen King, for that matter, are all people who changed the world by being just one person, doing what they thought was right.

No, I do not think these people have much in common besides that, but this list was created to be wildly diverse for a reason, so stay with me!

These people did not set out to do what they did because it would make them famous. They did it because it was what was in their heart to do so.

Ann Frank’s words have been heard and read worldwide, yet they were not published until 2 years after her death. Her words forever changed the views, hearts, and minds of millions, simply because she wrote in her diary about her horrific journey.

So if you are referring to someone like Rosa Parks, who was tired of being mistreated, or Jesus of Nazareth, whom was documented in many places as being a pillar of hope and helping those who needed it most, did they know their actions would still be widely known and admired to this day?

Of course, many wonder how I paired Stephen King into the list right next to Jesus. I have a flair for adding him into my writing, but he is a hero to people like me. He wrote about the things people hid from their thoughts, he never gave up, even after rejections from publishers, and he sees the world from a different view when others thought that was odd; he persevered. Now he not only has millions of readers, but he also teaches and inspires others to write as well.

Change Your Picture Before You Focus On The Whole Mural

Think of it like this. The world is a collage with snapshots of who is and has ever lived in it, combined to create “the big picture”. Positivity and beauty are contagious. It has been proven in neighborhoods that if most people focus on keeping it clean, the people around them will too.

In the spring, I have seen for myself when I am trimming weeds and planting my neighbors catch on. Even those who usually don’t do yard work will clean up after I have, sometimes just for the fact they don’t want to look bad. If this is true and one block of people will clean up just because I do, it makes you wonder how much that idea will spread. Yes, some don’t like looking worse than others. Still, I will take it with a smile on my face. My children play in a cleaner neighborhood because of it.

Yet, yards will be a mess in many neighborhoods that even have an HOA and rules enforced with penalties. So how do you expand this idea?

I live in an older neighborhood, middle class, so we have some good eggs and some bad, just like any neighborhood. Two of our neighbors have been struggling with yard work due to their age. My children and I offered to help clean up their yard and maintain their gardens. We often pick up trash even when we go for walks.

Suddenly, seeing someone else cleaning up other people’s yards seemed to up the status quo for our neighborhood even more, and even those who still didn’t clean hired someone who would.

I’m not saying cleaning up your yard will entice people to clean up the world. But it will also make a difference for you. The more pride you hold in your home and the things you love, the more your attitude will change.

If you love your home and hold pride in it, every day you go to work, no matter how bad your job is, you should be proud of what you do. You have created and support the place your family stays safe and grows.

How Does One Picture Make A Difference?

We, as individuals, are more powerful than we believe in many ways. Take, for instance, in a jury. If everyone sits down, but one person keeps standing when it’s time for the verdict, it makes a difference. Many times in life, one decision we make can mean the world to someone else.

Don’t focus on changing the world, but focus on standing up for what you believe to be right. If you see a little boy getting hurt by his parents, you try to help the little boy. By doing so, that little boy lives on to be a man that helps many more.

Photo by Luke Webb on Pexels.com

We often look far too much at the big picture instead of looking at the real facts. The idea of changing the world is daunting, but making the best of your world doesn’t have to be. I create a clean and fun home for my family, teach, and show my boys the good in people and the world.

If you had asked me 13 years ago if I thought one person could make a difference, I would undoubtingly say no. Since then, many people have changed my world. I have been helped by people who did not know who I was, and I have helped extremely thankful people in return.

The people who really taught me to believe were my children. My bonus children especially. My daughter is in her second year of college, and since the age of 7, she saw a better view of the world than I ever did. As a mother, it scared me, but as a woman, it inspired me. She made friends with everyone and had no fear. Even when we would warn her, “not everyone is good,” she would remind us, “not everyone is bad either”. She changed the world for me.

In turn, I have raised my littlest boys in a different way than I would have, had I not had the pleasure of holding and being taught how to be a mother by that beautiful little girl.

While it sounds like I am just bragging which I never hesitate to do when it comes to my kids… I know, I know.

It’s not just bragging. She inspired me from a young age. She helped in raising her brothers. She is an amazing role model, yet, she is only one person. That one person changed many pictures in the Mural to much prettier pictures, mine included.

Not only that but her love and courage are extremely contagious. I have helped those who I have because I could. I didn’t expect anything in return. But why? Not just because of her, but because of those that helped me. Simple things, one year, we were tight on money near Christmas, and I asked where people saw the best sales n toys. Our neighborhood contributed toys to help us give our children a Christmas when we otherwise couldn’t.

You Are The Big Picture

We may be individuals, but without you, the picture would not be complete. Think of the people who have gone before us. Their pictures created the world we have now. Without the love of our ancestors, we would not be here. You may not even know their names or know their history, but they were the ones who fought through famine, war, death, and more to feed their children, just so those children could someday be your grandparents.

So whether you are the one standing for what you believe in when everyone else sits down, or you’re the father who reads a bedtime story every night. Your picture is the same size as everyone else’s.

Not only is it possible for one person to make a difference,

you already do!