In Mississippi, on a small back road

Holds a place I call home

On the mailbox sits a butterfly

Just the sight, makes my heart sail, oh so high

A smile that I can’t hide

Spawns from the little girl deep inside

The driveway surrounded by trees

My mind takes me to a place of giggles and scraped knees

My father keeping a watchful eye

As my family unites under a bright blue sky

The people I miss most standing with a smile

Oh how my heart yerns over all these miles

It’s been far to long since I have been home

But no matter how far I roam

The thought of home and the comfort it brings

Is always there fresh in my dreams

Waiting for me to journey back

To recuperate the love I lack

Now my eyes water with silent despair

Because my heart fears it won’t always be there

Every night I close my eyes to say

“Keep them safe for me” I pray

“Please hold them safely with your loving grace

as I work towards returning to that loving place”.

Until then my heart and souls true abode

Remains in Mississippi,  on a small back road