The Un-Traditional Mother is my alter ego, the one who says things she doesn’t speak, invents characters to murder, and dramatizes the current events. These are the thoughts that run through my head when I can not sleep, the rays of hope that shine into my life, the hand reaching out into the darkness for anyone who needs it.

I am a pagan, a mother, a writer, a gardener, a wife, a teacher, an explorer, a nurse, an artist, and so much more. The Un-Traditional Mother is my way of building a port in the storm, a lighthouse for those who feel lost, or even a brief friend with some unrequested advice.

I am thankful for just the fact that you are here, anything more is magical to me!

Me As A Mother

I have 2 amazing boys that are 6 and 3. I have also had 3 miscarriages and lost my first son 45 minutes after he was born in 2011. I have 3 wonderful step-children (I commonly refer to them as bonus children). I have had the privilege of watching them grow and being their bonus mother for going on 13 years now.

First and foremost, I am a mother. I am far from perfect, but I do my best every day. I work from home, homeschool, we have many pets, and our life is usually a glorious disaster. You will not see many pictures of me, nor of my children, because I value my privacy just as everyone else does.

I will not tell you how to parent, I will never turn down advice, and I will probably very frequently tell you the mistakes I make on a daily basis.

I act like my kids are the best things in the world, because to me they are. After a long road and losing hope many times I was given the beautiful gift of a crying baby, and yes, every now and then I tell the world about it.

We make messes, play in rain puddles, take home rocks that seem friendly, and still think dandelions are magical. Yes, I have days where I am exhausted, I am human and I have a garden of little people to tend to!

 All The Rest

I am a Pagan, I love mother earth and praise the fact that she feeds and cares for us, even when we have tried our best to destroy her. I will not force my beliefs on you, I will respect your story, and you are always welcome to share your religion or spiritual beliefs here. I do not judge your path, because I have not stood in your shoes, but I also will defend my right to feel comfortable and express myself, just as you do.

Since the whole website is “about me” I will let you explore and not drone on any longer.


already know my God, I do my own web design, I love my vacuum cleaner, and I probably don’t have enough money to buy the snake oil you’re selling. I am available to talk about influencer opportunities, other than that… contacting me to sell your product or services is a waste of your time.

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Constructive criticism, feedback, questions, concerns, or even just a request for support is always welcome. If you would like to write a blog and have it posted to this site, please send the Title, Subject, and a quick description and we would be glad to chat about what your hopes are and some basic information about what we do post, your own page, backlinks, and more!

Thank You!


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