Unfortunately, our world is sometimes crueler than we ever wish it was. There are often graves with only a place marker, bodies found with no name, or people who pass on with no family left behind to tell their story. This Ritual is to honor them, it is commonly done as a Samhain Ritual, but can be done any time.

DtheDelinquent / Pixabay

Step 1- Prepping the Ritual

Separate the groups you intend to honor. You can do something as simple as “adults and children” or be as detailed as you like and separate them by gender, age, etc. You will want to have candles for each group. If you know of someone specific who you wish to represent you should have a candle just for them. Color doesn’t matter, but you should try to choose a color that represents each group in your eyes. 

Step 2- Candles for Each Group

Arrange them in any way you like, and yes if you need to use flameless candles, by all means, do so. 

Step 3- Starting Your Ritual

Starting off with stating your intentions… 

I come in remembrance on this special day,

To remember the forgotten, who have passed away.

As you light a candle for each group, continue your intentions (remember, this doesn’t have to be said out loud. You can even just think of each group as you do)

For the children who have gone too soon,

Whether from this earth or your mother’s womb.

Your life, though short is remembered in kind

For you have a place in my heart and mind.

Keep going for every group.

For the ones who walked a lonely path,

I hope you find comfort among your ancestors at last.

May your journey be much kinder to the other side,

For you have not been forgotten just because you died.

Step 4- Closing the Ritual

When all the candles are lit, close with a summary of your intentions.

I honor those who have passed through the veil,

Whether forgotten or alone I honor you still.

May your ancestors hold you and never forget,

And may I bid you farewell while the candles are lit.

Step 5-Saying Goodbye

Blow out each candle and as you do wish them well as the smoke drifts away.

susan-lu4esm / Pixabay