The methods of utter isolation, segregation, and stereotypes have been sufficient in keeping the unfriendly masses at bay. The labels force us to look at each other as the enemy instead of looking to the government or the powers that be. We have been stripped of our titles and demonized in the eyes of everyone around us. Gatherings are getting smaller, and homes are drenched in silence. Our wars are being fought against our neighbors and friends. We have truly lost our way.

It seems ironic, yet fitting, that we look outward from our windows and judge those whom we once held so dear and close at heart. We look towards the media outlets for information instead of those trying to speak the truth and reveal the blind spots in our path. Outlets are silenced if their words lead to any sense the government, churches, or the rich are blatantly tipping the scales in their own favor.

Mother Nature Is Not Innocent In The Matter

The once loved summer days seem to be reaching record high temperatures each week, and I will be damned if I remember what summer days were like before the sickness. Days seem to string themselves so closely together and be jammed packed with so much drama and unnecessary hate that it is hard to recall what times before the sickness were like anyway. 

Reaching temperatures in the high 90’s alongside a humidity level of near 100 for days straight is sure to keep even those who love the sun indoors for fear of heatstroke and extreme discomfort. Being that it is not even the hottest part of the year yet, I have a hard time letting my mind wander so far off that Mother Nature herself may be in cahoots with those who wish to control and condemn the masses. Yet, considering the current level of insanity in the world, I have not convinced myself otherwise as of this moment.

As many of us carry around an extra 20 lbs we did not have in tow the year prior, we fight the heat and raise tensions higher as we go. Masks cover the faces of those who deny the improbable cure that has poisoned the drinking water, and those who partook in the fallacy of the cure get a free pass to walk without mask restrictions as a consolation prize for not asking too many questions. Those who need help the most are offered small consolation prizes for complying with the “cause” when they should be offered assistance and information so they can make an informed decision of their own. 

It is a message in redundancy to ask for help or education because all sources have something to gain. The few that refuse to gain riches in lue of lies are then reminded, in a less than tactful way, what they have to lose. 

Fighting Our Reflection

The journey is far from over, and as we look down the long trail ahead of us. Unfortunately, some don’t realize the sad fact that we have come too far now to turn back. We are labeled with easy to read labels, and while we do not appreciate the ones placed upon us, we take no conscious effort to not judge others by theirs. We have been taught to hate and distrust everyone, no matter their color, creed, relationship, nor religion. 

Sadly, we have not attempted to look beyond the label, in fact, we have done the opposite. We have separated ourselves and leaned into the brainwashing of our new label system so far that no one is safe nor deemed friendly. Every letter placed upon our labels separates us from every person which we come into contact. We are no longer women joining together to make a better world for our children, a congregation seeking salvation, nor just a community working for safety and peace. 

We highlight the potential dangers and differences in others and make no effort to seek peace. We stand with a smile as guns protect our homes, and our weapons are already drawn. We do not consider those in other religions safe, no matter how peaceful they are. The discrimination planted, has now been so nurtured by society that it has taken on a life of its own. 

There are no lines of kindness, simply only lines of judgment. If someone offers to help, you have to wonder why. Those who never judged others prior have been forced to look at the labels placed upon us, not to discriminate, but out of fear. 

We have been brainwashed into believing everyone is guilty until proven innocent, and we are losing our children and loved ones in the path of destruction. Even then, all we do is point fingers and hate those with labels that read similar to ones placed on the aggressors. The innocent have no chance at peace and only remain innocent in a world of isolation. 

The Shadows

For the first time in history, the shadows are where the good people remain. They no longer stand up and speak out for good as they once did, for they know it will only drive a wedge further between us. Where they were once so happy to stand up and speak for those who could not speak for themselves, they now reach out from the shadows only when needed. 

We condemned the good for standing up for what is right. We erased the lines in history when good people stood up for positive causes and rewrote our history to be a fable in which the majority and popular parties prevail. One person can no longer make a difference to the masses unless spotlighted by the powers that be for a reason other than perseverance or positivity. 

The shadows were once so feared and taunted but have become the only place for true peace. Heroism falls on the ones within the shadows. The silent ones who watch yet do not make a sound when they see good being carried out. A nod from a fellow family man who is watching his family play as you pass by, a subtle grin from a mother who guards her precious little ones as they explore, or the kind words from a stranger online who does not know you, nor will they probably ever but saw you struggling and used that moment to lift you up.

In the shadows is where we find hope, love, and the world that deserves to be saved. As we wander through this new world and try to rebuild a foundation to stand upon, let us hope that once again, the good will be brought into the light and favored by the majority, instead of hope and peace lying dormant in the silent minority.

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Ann · August 9, 2021 at 10:32 am

This may be fiction, but I hope it isn’t where we’re headed. Captivating post, and great title! Pulled me right in.

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