Sometimes I long for the home of my younger days

A home where I felt safe to run and to play


My home with no walls, but a much safer place

A home with no roof, so I could feel the rain on my face


Imagination that ran wild and free

Safe from judgment, a place made just for me


No electronics in the home I remember so clearly

No one else allowed, but the ones I hold dearly


This home was my shelter to weather the storm

A place in the cold, where I could always be warm


I remember it fondly, a place where I was so loved

Nothing to hide the beautiful stars above


A place where the dark was just as kind as the light

Where the colors of the world were beautiful and bright


But at some point, I stepped out of this place I held so dear

Then it was gone forever and I was left with only fear


This world is darker, without my old home

And looking for it again, I will forever roam


For the place I so loved was not dampened by hate

There was no politics for me to debate


My words flowed freely from the comfort of this place

In this home, it did not matter your race


You see my dear, the home I miss so much

Was not a place that you could touch


It was the mind of a child, who had not yet seen the cruel world

The world with only judgment and insecurities for such a little girl


A place where love made the world a better place

And where kindness was all that was needed to bring a smile on your face


A place where wounds only needed a band-aide

And where gifts were something you personally made

Money held no value in this beautiful home

Where beauty was in everything, even a simple stone


I still search endlessly for the place I loved so

Yet this place is a place my children still frequently go


I help them always keep this place in their heart

Where our differences don’t matter and loved ones are never apart


So when they step out for a moment under our sun

I protect them from the harshness, that has only begun


For soon they will live in the world we see on the news

A world full of hate, that only remembers the abuse


I wish they would always have their childhood home

A safe place in their mind, where peace is only known


A place where beauty isn’t something you see

A place where people aren’t prone to be mean


So while I may never find my childhood home

I am the guardian of the beauty in the unknown


For I have seen through the eyes of the children in this world

And wish there was no need to long for the home of that little girl


So while my children run wild and free

I protect the views in which they see


I show them the kindness of the people they don’t know

And take them to places where beauty still grows


Because that place leaves us so fast

Although I wish it would forever last


So I show them the beauty in every little place

In hopes, their minds will always be a safe place


The home of a child is much more than walls

Absent of the hate and doubt we groom as adults


A place where beauty isn’t something you see

And where comfort was still found, when I was left with just me


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