This ceremony for ancestors holds a special place in my heart. 

Since my son was born I have always had my children playing in the background when I did this one. Obviously, if that makes you uncomfortable or breaks your concentration, you don’t have to do it that way. It’s a personal decision because they are the end of our bloodline for both sides of my family so far. 

Connecting With Your Ancestors

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To an extent, the urge to connect with your ancestors is normal. However, this ceremony does come with a warning; parts of your life may change the more you connect. Building a relationship with your ancestors can sometimes cause things like:

  •  information about your ancestors and their culture will find their way to you. 
  • Dreams may become more frequent about other worlds or past lives. 
  • Dejavue when it comes to memories and regular life events, etc. 

Your ancestors are always behind you, so if you call for a connection, more than likely they will answer that call with pride. Many times this is a part of your spiritual awakening.

Gather Momentos 

To start this ritual it is suggested to gather momentos or even just a list of your family tree, etc. Even if you have pictures of family members that still walk among us. It doesn’t have to be much, it can even be things that remind you of them or remind you of their cultures. 

The Ceremony To Connect and Honor Your Ancestors

One candle is all you need besides your momentos, I usually use my favorite color candle but you can also choose a candle that represents love, connection, or praise to you. As said before, this can even be a flameless candle, etc.

Step 1- Call Upon Your Ancestors

Call your ancestors to you and set your intentions.

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“I call my family close to me,

Those of you that I have not seen.

The ones I miss every day,

I call you all to me to stay.”

Step 2- Light a Candle

Light your candle and say the names of ancestors you know, last names, or anything like that. If you don’t know names simply call those who share the same bloodline or share your DNA.

Step 3- Connect With Your Ancestors

Place your hand flat on the things you have collected, close your eyes, clear your mind, and take three deep breaths.

Step 4- Set Your Intentions

Leaving your hands on the table, tell them why you call for the connection and state your intent to honor.

“I call to you because I am lost,

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Living in this world causes a high cost.

I want to connect with my ancestors so,

So I learn which path I should go.


Hold me in your strong hearts,

So that we are never apart.

I honor you and remember you today,

I wish to follow and know your way.”

Step 5- Close Your Intentions

Leave your candle lit for as long as possible and place it in a window if you can. Then close your ceremony and your intention in the place the candle will remain lit.

“Follow this light I lit for you,

To help you find me, to guide you.

Show me the way our ancestors walk,

And teach me the language you used to talk.


Great ancestors, I hold you in my heart,

And know that we are never far apart. 

I ask for your love and guidance too,

Simply because of my love for you.”

Step 6- Guide Your Ancestors To You

Even if you can not leave the candle lit, leave it in the place you closed your intention.


As always, you can edit this to meet your intention and your point of view. My rituals, spells, and ceremonies are simply an example of what is possible, and I hope they help guide you to find your path.