It’s not until you are truly lost, that you can find your way.

The Un-Traditional Mother has always been a home and outlet for expression and acceptance. With our blog, forums, store, writer’s home, and more, we are attempting a place of solace and unity.

You will not be judged here, nor should you pass judgment. If you see something you disagree with, keep scrolling. A healthy debate is natural, but a healthy debate also includes compassion for the other side and an intent to inform, not destroy.

Be kind to others, just as you want them to be kind to you. We came here because we did not feel as though we could speak freely elsewhere. If you disagree with this premise, I have a list of other social media platforms that will gladly censor you and everyone around you.

All Are Welcome To Share Their Story

If you are a blog writer that shares the ideals that you respect everyone, no matter race, religion, or background, I would love to have you as a part of my site! I am willing to set up a section where you can write your own story!

For $15 a month, I will also create your very own page for your personal blog! You can add anything you want to this page, including contact information, about me sections, pictures, and more! The $15 a month is for regular maintenance, any updates you need at any time, and hosting fees!

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